Sunday, March 07, 2010

Weekends, Before and After

It's been a pretty nice weekend so far, but the weekend seems to go by so quickly lately! I usually sleep in a bit (I'm not able to sleep much in the morning - I'm awake at first light - but I manage an extra hour or so on weekends with the help of a sleep mask), then we have a big breakfast - pancakes every Sunday, then Ken and I read the paper, something we don't have time for during the week. By then, it's usually 10 or 11 and only a couple of hours until I have to take my afternoon nap!

So, I try to do a few things around the house, then lunch and nap, then it's time to make dinner, then it's evening already! I really hate not being able to help Ken with yard work and stuff like that.

We've had gorgeous weather this weekend, compared to our past month. Temperatures hit 50 F today, and the sun has been shining brightly. I've gone out each day on two very short walks. My stamina is so horrible right now from this nasty virus-filled winter that I can't manage all the way around the block anymore, so I'm trying very short walks so I can (hopefully) build my stamina back up.

But I'm missing the old days today - you know, pre-CFS days. Back then, I was full of energy. I usually spent one day of the weekend getting things done - yard work if it was nice out or clearing out clutter in the house if it wasn't. The four of us might run errands, going from store to store or run to the home improvement store, then back home for some kind of project.

One day of the weekend, I'd plan something fun for all of us - almost always a hike. We all love the outdoors so much that I made sure to make time once or twice a week to get out hiking. Sometimes we'd explore someplace new or go back to an old favorite spot, hike for a couple of hours, and come back feeling refreshed and full of energy!

Finally, there was usually some sort of social aspect to our weekends. Sometimes Ken and I would go out to dinner together. Often, we'd have friends over for dinner - the kids would run around together, I'd make a big meal, enjoy a couple of beers or a glass of wine, and we'd enjoy our friends' company. I really miss those days.

On the positive side, both boys are having a great weekend! Jamie not only made it to his dance on Friday night (and stayed up past 11!) but managed to play outside all day long on Saturday with Craig and a few of their friends. They were so full of joy with the changed weather! It was only about 45 degrees on Saturday, but they were out running around in shorts and t-shirts, as if it were summer. By some miracle, they both feel good again today! Jamie worked on his homework this morning (he's still trying to catch up from those 6 days he missed last month), and now they're outside again. Craig just ran in to grab more Gatorade, and said to me (out of breath), "I'm having a great time, but it's almost Monday!" I love when they can act like normal kids.

So, I guess, it's actually been a very nice weekend, but I do still yearn for the good old days...


Dusty Bogwrangler said...

It's been a bright Springlike day here too, the type of day I'd go to the garden centre and start choosing plants for my pots. I'm like you at the moment, it's short walks and lots of naps. At least we can watch other people having fun. It must give you a boost seeing your kids have a good day. I hope your week goes OK. Keep resting!

Never That Easy said...

Sometimes it's hard, to remember what you used to be like. But I'm glad you still were able to appreciate your weekend. Hoping that this week brings you any tiny increase in feeling good!

dominique said...

"I love when they can act like normal kids."

I never realized how such a simple sentence could carry so much meaning!

Our lives are definitely not normal anymore, are they?

I am so thankful for the 'good' times that are tucked in between the bad.

I'm glad you boys are having a great weekend.

It was almost 70 degrees here in Tulsa today. It felt wonderful to have the windows open and some fresh air coming in!

Hope you have a good week.

Toni said...

Oh, Sue. Tony and I have those "Remember when..." conversations. They can be painful. But the memories are good ones so I guess there's a sweet side to it too. Thanks for sharing. It made me feel better to know that you "remember when" too.

I'm so glad your boys had a good weekend.

Unknown said...

Perhaps you'll have some 'good NEW days' instead!

It was fantastic to read about how well your sons are feeling right now, it must make you feel a little better as well!

At least you did go for a little walk; I know it's not what you used to do but it's fantastic that you're building your stamina up! We all celebrate achievements, no matter how big or small- well done! x

Kerry said...

Sue, I have a lump in my throat reading this cause it really is sad...the things we loved to do that we can't. it is hard to remember the "good ole" days when weekends were full and we were full of energy. The loss of the social and working in the yard are big ones for me too. Your weekends now, sound similar to ours

isn't it something how precious a hang out with your hubby and read the paper session can be! Back in the pre-CFS days how could we ever have know what a great thing it would be to hang out and read the paper.

Yesterday morning my husband, daughter and I drove to the path that flanks our near by river and went on a wheelchair walk--joy.

I'm glad the sun was shining and the temp. was warm and your boys felt well enough to enjoy it and you had the joy of watching them feel well enough to enjoy it.

Feeling for you and with you on "the what was", "what we could do" blues...

Shelli said...

Yay for a good weekend! I'm happy your boys are feeling better. I know worrying about your kids adds to your own malaise. Hopefully we're all coming out of a bad season and better days are around the corner.

Anonymous said...

I was miraculously able to go for a short hike this weekend, and the weather was good that day. I rested the entire remainder of the weekend and still tired today, but at least I had a couple hours energy. I too used to hike nearly every weekend and love the outdoors. It is surreal now when I actually have the stamina to do any exercise. Jogging is a distant, distant memory that put me in bed for 3 days at last attempt.

Glad to hear your sons got to go out and run around, and that you got outdoors even for a tiny walk.