Monday, April 07, 2014

Movie Monday 4/7

Our college son was home on spring break all last week. He's been doing pretty well, thanks to the drastic changes we made to medications, supplements, and diet two months ago. That's "pretty well" on an ME/CFS (and Lyme) scale, so he is still struggling with stamina and cognitive functioning. But he's living on campus, taking three difficult engineering courses, and has some energy left for socializing and having fun with his friends. This was a rest-up and recuperation week for him - he spent much of the week reading (about 8 books in 10 days!), playing video games, and catching up on all the TV series he's missed while at school.

So, we didn't watch any movies last week, but I thought I'd tell you about all the great TV shows we caught up on - both old favorites of ours and some really great new shows.

In the old favorites category, he was excited to be home so he could catch up on missed episodes of Arrow, The Following, Elementary - we all enjoy these shows together and he tries to keep up when he comes home on Sundays.

My husband was out of town last week, so the boys and I also tried some new shows. All three of us watched The 100, a brand new post-apocalytpic/dystopian/science fiction show set 100 years into the future, after earth was decimated by nuclear holocaust. The remaining humans have been living in a space station, but now they are in danger of running out of oxygen. They send 100 teenagers (most are criminals to one degree or another) back down to earth to find out if it is safe to live there again. We are all enjoying the show (my husband caught up when he came home and joined us in the latest episode) - it's full of action and adventure.

Jamie and I also tried Believe, and we LOVE it! It reminds us a bit of Touch (which we hated to hear was cancelled), with a young child with special talents at its center. In the first episode, we lost track of how many different group of people were after this poor little girl! So, this is another show full of action and adventure and lots of chase scenes but also plenty of warmth and heart. The little girl playing the lead role is amazing. We are totally hooked, and this is our new favorite.

Jamie had friends over two evenings, and I discovered that it was Watchathon Week for our cable provider, meaning that many of the channels (even the pay ones) put whole seasons of their most popular shows up for free On Demand for the week. I watched a couple of episodes of Girls (which airs on HBO) and would love to see more - I'll have to request the DVDs from the library. When Jamie discovered Watchathon Week, he dove into Black Sails, a new pirate show on Starz.

I'm glad to have my husband back home now - he and I have too many shows that we're hooked on at the moment! We are enjoying some old favorites like The Good Wife (did you see that surprise ending??), Grey's Anatomy (he's not so interested in it anymore, but I still love it), The Americans, Revolution, and Blacklist (I told you there are too many!). We've also started to watch Resurrection, about a town where the dead start returning, just as they were before they died, which we are loving.

That seems like a lot of TV, but I am pretty useless past 6 or 7 pm, so it is something fun we can do together before we head up to bed to read at 9 pm.

What are your favorite TV series right now?

And if you are interested in what we've been reading this week, check out the Monday post at my book blog.

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