Wednesday, April 09, 2014

PET Imaging May Provide Diagnostic Test for ME/CFS

An exciting new research study published in Science Daily shows that PET functional imaging may be a useful diagnostic tool for ME/CFS in the future. It was a small study - just 9 people with ME/CFS and 10 healthy controls - but researchers were able to clearly show evidence of neuroinflammation (inflammation of the nervous system and brain) in the ME/CFS patients. They could even see a clear correlation between the type of symptoms reported (for instance, cognitive dysfunction) and the areas of inflammation in the brain.

This is exciting research that could lead directly to a way to diagnose ME/CFS! It remains to be seen whether this method is specific enough to differentiate between ME/CFS and other conditions that cause neuroinflammation, but at the very least, it provides incontrovertible proof of disability and illness.

Best of all, the study was reported in the mainstream media! I got this link from a childhood friend of mine who thought of me when he read it and sent me an e-mail. That alone is reason to celebrate - awareness is growing!


Unknown said...

Thank you, Sue. This is great news.

Anonymous said...

I have had this scan done and my brain does show this. It was great news to learn the reasons why I have some of my debilitation's, but frustrating to not have any form of treatment to improve it.

Sue Jackson said...

Anon -

There are lots and lots of treatments for ME/CFS that could potentially improve inflammation in the brain. Unfortunately, most doctors don;t know enough about ME/CFS but here are some areas to consider treatments:

Correct Sleep Dysfunction -

Treat Orthostatic Intolerance -

Treat immune system dysfunction -

Treat methylation -

In addition, testing for and treating underlying infections is a critical step in treating ME/CFS.

Good luck!