Monday, August 31, 2015

Movie Monday 8/31

I was feeling pretty crummy all weekend, so we tried to take it easy and enjoyed a great movie Saturday night:

We watched 12 Monkeys, and we both loved this unique post-apocalyptic time travel thriller. In 1996, a viral pandemic hit that almost wiped out the human race. The people left moved underground to get away from the toxic surface of the earth. When the movie opens, at some point in the future, scientists are trying to find the source of the virus (which they believe to be a terrorist group named the Army of the Twelve Monkeys) so that they can develop a cure that will allow mankind to return to the surface. To do this, they choose "volunteers" from their prison and send them back in time to 1996. Bruce Willis plays James Cole, one such prisoner. The scientists make a mistake, though, and send him back to 1990 instead. There, trying to warn people about the future global disaster, James is seen as a delusional lunatic and locked up in a psychiatric ward. He meets Jeffrey, played wonderfully and hilariously by Brad Pitt, the energetic and intelligent (and totally crazy) son of a prominent virologist, and Dr. Kathryn Railly, one of the doctors in the hospital, who thinks that James looks familiar and is intrigued by his rantings. The action moves forward quickly, as James tries to complete his mission to save the world. It's an intriguing plot, but the real uniqueness of this film is in its tone and cinematography. Though there is plenty of fast-paced thriller-like action, there is a slightly farcical feel to the movie and plenty of laughs (especially from Brad Pitt's performance!). The scenes that take place in the underground future have a distinct steampunk look. It all adds up to an engaging and suspenseful movie that never takes itself too seriously. We both enjoyed it very much.

Have you seen any good movies lately?


Heather said...

This is one of my favorites. I love any movie with Brad Pitt playing a crazy character.

Sue Jackson said...

ha ha - good criteria, Heather! I'm not sure I've ever seen him acting crazy before...but he's very good at it! lol