Thursday, August 26, 2010

Top Chronic Illness Blog Award

Medical Assistant Schools
Presented by: Medical Assistant Schools

When I returned from our Catskills trip this week, I had a pleasant surprise waiting in my e-mail inbox - a notice that my blog is one of the Top 35 Chronic Illness Blogs, according to a recent survey by Medical Assistant Schools! 

They told me the winners were chosen based on votes by blog readers, so this post is really for all of you...THANK YOU!!! 

I really appreciate your support and acknowledgment.  I feel like I get at least as much back from this blog as I put into it.

Check out the full list of winners - I noticed quite a few favorite CFS blogs among the top 35 - congratulations to all!  (I would include links right here, but I'm just too wiped out - the link above takes you to the full list of 35 winners with links to each one.)


  1. Congratulations Sue! You deserve it...your blog is excellent! I also saw you quoted in an article on Lyme by Jody Smith.....Way to go on both accounts!

  2. Anonymous7:02 PM

    "SUE!" No one deserves this award more than you in my opinion! You have been a tireless pioneer in researching and educating!



  3. Congratulations. Well-deserved!

  4. Well done Sue! Well deserved :-)

  5. Congratulations Sue - Definitely well deserved! (And so many of my daily reads are listed, so I'm doubly pleased!)

  6. Faith Newton9:54 PM

    That's great!