Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Great News on XMRV!

Finally!  The long-awaited, withheld XMRV study from the FDA will be published soon!  Here's an excellent summary from the blog of Cort Johnson of Phoenix Rising.

A few key points:
  • The FDA study does indeed replicate the positive results of the original XMRV study, showing XMRV in the blood of CFS patients.
  • Andrea Whittemore, daughter of the founders of the Whittemore-Peterson Institute, is already "significantly improved" on treatments for XMRV.
  • Another paper due out at the end of the year will show that XMRV causes immune system abnormalities.
  • Several drugs have already been shown to be effective against XMRV in the laboratory.
  • Pharmaceutical companies that halted their work based on earlier negative studies have resumed work on medications to treat XMRV, including many that are already on the market.
  • Treatment trials with real patients should begin soon at WPI.
How exciting!!!  Check out this interview with Annette Whittemore and her daughter Andrea (it's the August 16 episode).  The Whittemore-Peterson Institute has its grand opening this week.  It looks like things are finally moving forward for CFS research - hurray!!


julie said...

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Julie x

Anonymous said...

Ohh, what good news, Sue! Thank you for posting! It's interesting that regarding CFS and Lyme one may be a virus and the other is a bacteria. Yet the symptoms are the same. So for people with both diseases... how curious.