Thursday, August 26, 2010

Top Chronic Illness Blog Award

Medical Assistant Schools
Presented by: Medical Assistant Schools

When I returned from our Catskills trip this week, I had a pleasant surprise waiting in my e-mail inbox - a notice that my blog is one of the Top 35 Chronic Illness Blogs, according to a recent survey by Medical Assistant Schools! 

They told me the winners were chosen based on votes by blog readers, so this post is really for all of you...THANK YOU!!! 

I really appreciate your support and acknowledgment.  I feel like I get at least as much back from this blog as I put into it.

Check out the full list of winners - I noticed quite a few favorite CFS blogs among the top 35 - congratulations to all!  (I would include links right here, but I'm just too wiped out - the link above takes you to the full list of 35 winners with links to each one.)


Renee said...

Congratulations Sue! You deserve it...your blog is excellent! I also saw you quoted in an article on Lyme by Jody Smith.....Way to go on both accounts!

Anonymous said...

"SUE!" No one deserves this award more than you in my opinion! You have been a tireless pioneer in researching and educating!



Toni said...

Congratulations. Well-deserved!

Dusty Bogwrangler said...

Well done Sue! Well deserved :-)

Never That Easy said...

Congratulations Sue - Definitely well deserved! (And so many of my daily reads are listed, so I'm doubly pleased!)

Faith Newton said...

That's great!