Friday, August 13, 2010

Living on the Edge

...on the edge of a crash, that is.  All this week, I've been feeling run-down and so-so but not horribly crashed - you know, sort of that in-limbo feeling?  And I know I've been pushing myself too much each day which only prolongs the feeling.  I go to bed each night totally wiped out and wake up each morning feeling OK but not great.

This summer has been so busy around here - running errands, driving the kids places, hosting their friends at our house (which always means more work for me preparing meals and doing dishes).  Actually, the kids have been helping.  They've been doing their own laundry all summer, unloading the dishwasher, and I've even trained them to rinse their own dishes and put them in the dishwasher (but if anyone knows how to train kids and teens not to leave dirty dishes all over the rest of the house, I'd like to hear about it!)

I'm just tired, worn out, draggin', wiped out.  You get the picture.  Most likely, some of this is still a herx reaction from restarting my Lyme treatment last month.  The knee pain and severe aches have subsided, but I'm sure the herx reaction is exacerbating all of my CFS symptoms.  I know I'm also staying up too late most nights.  It's hard not to during the summer because the kids are staying up later, too.

Ken is finally home from his week-long trip to Texas - I missed him!  Tonight is Jamie's 16th birthday party, so it won't be a quiet evening!  We'll have 9 teens here for pizza, games, and water balloons.  It won't be too bad for me, though.  It's great how at this age they really take care of everything themselves - Jamie sent out invitations on Facebook and planned the party himself.  Not like the old days when it was so much work coordinating their birthday parties! 

Of course, we kind of went overboard in the party department.  We had some pretty amazing birthday parties here.  Here are a couple of pictures, for old time's sake!  Jamie had a Harry Potter party for his 11th birthday - the party to end all parties.  That's my mom and her husband as Hagrid and Professor Trelawney.  Ken was Dumbledore, I was Professor McGonnagall, and two friends were Professor Snape and Madam Hooch.  We turned our entire house into Hogwarts, took a dozen kids to Diagon Alley (the basement) for hats and wands, held four classes including Potions, and played Quidditch in the yard.

The other photo is from Craig's pirate party for his 8th birthday, complete with treasure hunt, loot, and a pinata.  As you can see, the adults enjoyed getting into our roles!  Those were fun times, but this is so much easier, sitting in the family room while the kids throw water balloons at each other outside (I took a few pictures, then ran away!)

Time for pizza.  Hope you all have a great weekend!


Unknown said...

Awww - Happy Birthday Jamie!

I hate those 'one the edge' crashes b/c I never know if it's just going to get better or worse or hang on. Still better than a full-on crash, I guess. Anyway, I hope you hang in there and have a fantastic time!

Renee said...

Seems like others with kids are feeling like they live on the edge or have one foot in a relapse and one out. I think it is hard when the kids are all home. At least that is how I remember it! Fun but hard.
You have a good weekend too.

Shelli said...

One of the things I miss most is throwing parties for my kids. We did a mermaid party, complete with garbage bag tails and a hidden treasure, and a dinosaur party with dinosaur feet shoes made out of cereal boxes.

Enjoy your kids, but take time for yourself, too. And thanks for the kind words and encouragement. :)

Dusty Bogwrangler said...

I was just leaving a comment on Shelli's blog, saying I don't know how anyone copes with kids as well as CFS. I suppose you just get on with it. And if you want 'me' time you have to have it after they've gone to bed. I remember that part!

No, I don't know a way to get teens to return dishes to the kitchen. I do know that if you are short of crockery you'll probably find it under their beds with their swimming kit.

Sue Jackson said...

Shelli -

We had a dinosaur party with dino-feet made from cereal boxes, too!! ha ha Too bad you live on the other coast - sounds like our families would get along great! Tie for myself? What's that?

Jo - Yes, that's it exactly. Normally, for Ken and I, our down time is when the kids go to bed and because of their CFS, that's usually 8 pm!! We've been spoiled by that. Now, with them staying up until 9 or 10 during the summer, we feel like we have to stay up later or we miss our quiet time.


Dominique said...

Happy Birthday Jamie!

You're schedule - just reading it - usually exhaust me and all I'm doing is ... reading it! ha ha!

parentingadabsurdum said...

I've been on the edge all week too. You always make me feel better - everyone here is sympathetic, but they don't truly get it.

Sue Jackson said...

Peryl -

So sorry you had a rough week, too. Everyone here gets it!! Come by to hang out whenever you need someone who understands!