Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Help Support CFS Research!

iGive, a charitable website for shopping and searching, has a great promotion going on for the next 24 hours.  For each new person who signs up (it's fast and free) and does just one search using iGive, they will donate $1 to the cause of your choice, plus a bonus $5 the first time you use iGive to shop.

I have used iGive for many years, with the CFIDS Association of America as my designated charity.  I have iGive set as my homepage, and I use it for almost all of my internet searches.  For each search, they usually donate 1 cent (aside from this 24-hour promotion).  In addition, anytime I shop online, I go to iGive first, access the store site through iGive, and some percentage of what I buy is donated to the CFIDS Association (it varies between stores).  Almost every online store you can think of is included.  As a nice bonus, when you link to a store through iGive, they let you know if the store has any current deals or coupons.

It might not sounds like much, but it adds up!  According to the iGive statistics, so far over $4500 has been donated to the CFIDS Association through iGive!

To sign up for the special promotion, you must use this special link.  Go sign up now!

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