Thursday, September 23, 2010

Emerging From My Cave...

Hello?  Anyone out there??  (blink, blink)  Wow, its bright out here...

I am slowing coming back to life after being completely incapacitated for the past week.  It rarely happens, but I seem to have caught one of the many viruses going around at my kids' schools (lots of people around here have been sick).  Anytime I get congested, it develops into bronchitis, so I went to see my doctor last night.  Sure enough, she said my lungs were rattling pretty badly and put me on antibiotics.  I'm still not sure how a bacterial infection could develop when I've been on high-dose doxycycline for two years for Lyme, but there it is.

For the first few days, I tried to still maintain some semblance of normalcy - came down to the couch, used my laptop a bit, etc.  Then, I just gave up and crawled into bed.  It was such a relief to do that!  I've really done nothing for 7 days but sleep, eat, and read.  Thank goodness for books.  My huge collection of kids' and teen books really came in handy (I review them) - nice short, easy books with gripping plots!

I'm still exhausted and very weak but managed a bit of upright time today and started to catch up a bit - e-mails, bills, etc.  Coming back, slowly.

I've missed all of you!!


  1. Glad you are feeling better. I am coming out of lurking and have now started a blog of my own.
    I also follow 4 Walls and a View and am concerned as we have not had a new post from her in sometime.
    I had a call from a friend today that is going through testing to find out why she is so sick and tired. She asked the Dr she was seeing today if it might be CFS like I have? He told her that pretty much was just a name they slapped on people that had fatigue that they didn't find anything else wrong with. She was Crying and fighting mad when she called me. I told her I had heard much like that before in the early 90's when I was first ill.
    I am hoping this attitude with Dr's will get better and stupid ones will get a little more educated.
    Thanks for all you do and I do not know how in the world you do it!!!
    Peg in Southern MO
    my blog

  2. I just send a rambling comment and a blog address for myself but am not sure I got it sent to you correctly. Will you let me know if you did not get the first one and I will comment again. Peg from Southern Missouri
    It is taking me a while to learn all this blogging info!!!

  3. Missed you, too, Sue. Glad to hear you're feeling better. Hope it continues. Yay, thank goodness for books!

  4. Am glad you're doing a bit better... hope you're back on your feet in no time.

  5. Anonymous7:26 PM

    Take care, Sue! Glad you are back to at least getting out of bed. I've been spending about 14 hours a day in bed, but I actually feel more well than when I was trying to get by on less. (I didn't get the flu, however. Lying down with the flu is different again). Books... books are wonderful!


  6. Anonymous8:07 PM

    Oh what a horrid week! Glad to hear you're feeling a bit better. It'll be a slow process so don't overdo. I always do that and end up back in bed for extra days! Hard to not overdo with kiddos around. Ours are grown now so I can be lazy when recuperating from illnesses. Take care -- stay rested.

  7. Thanks, everyone! Boy, I really missed your company this week!! So nice to hear from my friends...

    Peggy -

    Welcome to the blogging world! So glad you decided to join in the fun.


  8. So glad to hear you are coming round.....what a week for you! Hope you are back to your normal soon...

  9. Welcome back! Glad you gave yourself what your body needed; bedrest! good books certainly help. continue to take it easy :)

  10. We missed you too! So glad it is passing at last. We were having the same antibiotics discussion this morning. Do different antibiotics target different areas of the body? They seem to, but how does that work? No reply necessary!

    You take care of yourself now, no rushing about ;-)

  11. I hope today is a bit brighter for you, Sue!

  12. We missed you too! I'm glad to hear that you are doing better - miserable illness getting in the way of our important lives! haha

    Loves the blog.