Monday, September 27, 2010

Movie Monday 9/27

I'm finally feeling better and starting to return to normal - my own normal, that is.  I even went to the dentist this morning (what a thrill!).

Tomorrow, I'm taking the train to NYC to visit my Infectious Disease doctor.  I haven't seen her in person in a couple of years (we keep in touch by phone and e-mail).  She's a CFS expert and is one of the newest members of the CFSAC, so I'm interested to hear her perspective on all the retrovirus research.

I was still sick through most of the weekend, so I wasn't able to stay up late enough to watch any movies with Ken after the kids went to bed - instead, we're still watching episodes of Mad Men and The Mentalist on DVD - we've really grown to like The Mentalist a lot!  We did watch a couple of movies with the kids:
  • Craig had a sleepover Friday night, so I chose a movie I thought Jamie would enjoy - Surrogates, a sci fi thriller.  It's about a future world where no one leaves their homes - everyone has these life-like androids called Surrogates that they control from virtual reality chairs in their house.  Because of this, crime is almost non-existent, but when someone starts killing people through their Surrogates, a police officer (played by Bruce Willis) has to leave his "Surry" behind and step out on his own.  An enjoyable movie if you like sci fi action flicks.
  • Saturday evening, we watched a classic with the kids, The Sting, which won an Academy Award for Best Picture in 1973.  They enjoyed it very much - it's fun to see such a young Robert Redford and Paul Newman.  (Craig said, "Paul Newman - isn't he the salad dressing guy?  I didn't know he acted."  Talk about a generation gap!)
Have you seen any good movies lately?


Baffled said...

I like the Mentalist for reasons that excape me. I'll have to check out the SF movie since I am a total SF geek. I've been watching Stargate Atlantis on Netflix. I am almost done with the entire series. I think Doctor Who is next.

I also started watching Nip/Tuck which is NOT for kids or even some grownups. Myself, the jury is still out on it. I could do without the graphic sex and surgery scenes but the stories are pretty good which is why I have watched several episodes so far.

I haven't seen any realy good movies. I caught a couple of mediocre ones on Netflix and I can't even remember the names of them. The one good one I saw was a french one, Love Me If You Dare. I liked it because it is such an unusual film with an odd ending. Its nice to see something totally unpredictable once in a while.

Lori P said...

Oh I LOVE The Sting. We began a movie this weekend and turned if off after about 10 minutes - too depressing. Later I thought maybe we should have given it more time because I love Denzel Washington. It's called The Book of Eli. Have you seen it? Gah - talk about sad.

Anyway, I'm glad to hear you're beginning to pull out. Looking forward to hearing about your visit to the doctor. Take care.

Anonymous said...

ha ha that's funny about "the salad dressing guy"!