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Favorite Movies Watched in 2023

Once again, I reviewed just 9 movies in 2023, in part because there is so much great TV to watch now. I only review movies that I really enjoy, so any movies on my entire 2023 list (below) are worth watching, not just my top picks. These are now all available on streaming.

As in years past, you can see my full list of movies reviewed last year further down, and my top picks in each genre just below. To see all of the movies I have reviewed on my blog (a considerable list), check out the Movies tab, where they are listed by genre, though it's getting harder to categorize a movie into just one genre as there's so much cross-over now. Links go to my reviews, with a trailer. Note that where each movie is available might have changed over the years, since I first reviewed it, so double-check to see where you can watch it now.

Best of the Best Movies Watched in 2023:

(Three categories only included one movie each, so not much of a choice!)

Best Action/Suspense/Thriller

Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny 

Why movies were invented! 

Nonstop action and adventure, lots of suspense, plenty of humor, and just a whole lot of fun.

Best Drama


Warm, funny drama about a teen girl whose deaf family relies on her, though she has dreams of her own.

Best Comedy

A Man Called Otto

Excellent adaptation of the best-selling novel, about a grumpy, lonely old man discovering a reason to live. (and really both drama and comedy).

Best Sci Fi

Leave the World Behind

A tense sci fi thriller, as two families grapple with a mysterious crisis.

Best Musical


Super clever, funny, surprisingly thoughtful musical drama with some great music and eye-popping visuals. 

All Movies Reviewed in 2023:

All of these are worth watching! It was hard to pick just one favorite in the first two categories. See the Movies tab for more great movies.


Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny





Are You There, God? It's Me, Margaret.


Flora and Son 


A Man Called Otto


Sci Fi 

 Leave the World Behind





What were YOUR favorite movies watched last year? 

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