Wednesday, January 03, 2024

What Do YOU Want in My Monthly Newsletter?

If you subscribe to my e-mail list,  then you receive each of my blog posts in your e-mail inbox, plus a monthly newsletter that I write, with exclusive content just for subscribers.

I've been sending out monthly newsletters to the mailing list for the past 15 months now, and to kick off the new year, I'd like to hear your feedback on what YOU want to see in the newsletter ... or if you don't read it at all. Whether you are a current subscriber who gets the newsletter or are just signing up for the e-mail list for the first time, I want to hear from you!

Currently, I usually include the following topics in the newsletter that gets emailed at the start of each new month:

  • Life - an update of what is going on in my life
  • Quote of the Month - a quote from a book I read that relates to chronic illness life
  • Blog of the Month - a link to someone else's chronic illness blog and what I like about it
  • YouTube Channel/Podcast of the Month - my recommendation for a chronic illness video channel or podcast (not included every month)
  • From My Book - an excerpt from my own book (and sometimes a sale on my book)
  • A Look Back on the Blog - an older post from my blog that is still relevant
  • My Recent Videos - new videos posted in the last month
  • My Recent Blog Posts - in case you missed anything the past month

Please let me know what you think:

Do you read the monthly newsletter at all or just delete it?

Which features do/would you enjoy?

Which features do/would you skip?

What would YOU like to see in the newsletter?


I spend a lot of time each month writing the newsletter, and I want it to reflect what YOU want to get in your inbox. Please tell me your thoughts!

You can leave a comment on this blog post (click on "Post a Comment") or e-mail me at with your feedback.

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